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It can be quite difficult to choose a bonus offer that will give you the biggest chance of winning. There are countless to choose from and the amounts vary drastically. While 200 free spins might seem impossible to resist, it’s good to know what the wagering requirements are before accepting the offer.

What are Wagering Requirements?

Wagering requirements is the one thing that will stand between you and your winnings and they’re the biggest frustration for any player at an online casino. Although they’re almost impossible to believe, there are a few casinos that offer wager free spins.

It makes sense that online casinos have sets of rules that are subject to any winnings made from bonus money. If they gave away free money to players to stand the chance of winning more money all time, they wouldn’t be in business for long. Wagering requirements ask you to play through an amount of your own money before being able to withdraw winnings.

When you play with bonus money it works differently. The wagering requirements are multiplied by the bonus amount. So, if you get $10 free money with a wagering requirement of x40 you’ll need to play through $10 x 40 = $400 before you’ll be able to withdraw your winnings.

Now that you understand how wagering requirements work, you’ll also understand that the amount of free spins doesn’t really matter, because the amount you’ll need to wager is worked out based on your actual winning amount, multiplied by the wagering requirement.

A typical example…

When an online casino offers you 100 free spins with a wagering requirement of x40 and you win $100, you’ll only be able to withdraw your $100 win once you’ve wagered through your win amount multiplied by the wagering requirements, $100 x 40 = $4000.

Now, that doesn’t make sense at all.

How about Wager-Free Spins?

Online casinos offer players free money all the time. There are many different bonus offers and it might seem overwhelming, especially if you’re a new player. You must remember that you play to win and that you want to be able to withdraw your winnings. Can you imagine winning $1000 in free spins but when you want to cash-out your winnings, you’re met with unrealistic terms and conditions? It kind of puts a damper on your gaming experience, doesn’t it?

It doesn’t matter on the number of Free Spins!


Think about it: you can play with 5 free spins with a wagering requirement of x 20 and win $100 or you can play with 200 free spins with a wagering requirement of x 20 and win $100. In both bonuses you will be required to wager through the same amount ($100 x 20 = $2000) before you will be able to withdraw your $100 win. So, it is better to choose a free spins bonus based on the wagering requirements and not the number of free spins. The lower the wagering requirements, the better.

Why Wager-Free Spins are better…

It’s very hard to believe, but you can actually get wager-free spins. This means that you ‘ll be able to use the free spins and all winnings made are yours to keep. You can withdraw your cash immediately without having to play through any wagering requirements.

Wager-Free spins are not offered in every casino. So, if you’re lucky enough to be offered this bonus, grab it with both hands. You’ll have the opportunity to win real money with free money. It’s incredible!

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