is a responsible casino content website and we are dedicated to creating a safe and enjoyable online casino environment for our valued players. Explain that we support responsible gambling and believe that online gambling should be a fun and enjoyed as a form of entertainment. Most online casino players enjoy their casino experience while being able to play responsibly, and spend money that they can afford – however for some, gambling can become a issue. This page covers the various measures that we have implemented to guarantee that our users play safely and responsibly whilst still being able to enjoy their experience.

How to Practise Responsible Gambling

As many know, online gaming is a form of gambling, and playing responsibly might be easier said than done for some. This is why we have come up with a list of useful tips to keep in mind and implement:

  • Only gamble for fun and entertainment purposes
  • Remember, gambling should never be stressful or cause any form of anxiety
  • Be aware of the signs of problem gambling and addiction by educating yourself on the best prevention
  • Set a maximum budget by deciding how much you can afford to lose and how much you want to spend on gambling
  • Treat the money you lose as an expense for entertainment so that any winnings can be looked at as a bonus
  • Never chase losses and always stick to your limit
  • Setting a reasonable time limit is also a good idea
  • Once your time limit is set, be sure to stick to it
  • Stop playing once your time limit expires, whether you are winning or losing
  • Don’t expect to win each time you play, after all gambling should never be treated as a guaranteed source of income
  • Understand the games and the odds – odds are against you and losing is part of the game
  • Never borrow money to gamble – avoid credit, loans or borrowing from others
  • Never let gambling affect your personal and/or social life

Identifying Problem Gambling

Sometimes it is not always so easy to identify the presence of a problem, especially if you fall victim to it. this is why we advise you to look objectively and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you spending a lot of much money on or gambling more than you can afford?
  • Have you ever borrowed money or sold anything in order to gamble?
  • Do you keep your gambling secret and lie to your friends and family?
  • Are you trying to make up for previous gambling losses?
  • Have you ever needed to gamble with larger amounts of money to get the same level of excitement?
  • Do you ever gamble under the influence of alcohol or any other substances?
  • Have you ever gambled to get away from worry, problems or because you feel bored?
  • Has gambling caused you any health problems, including stress or anxiety?

Seeking Help

If you feel you need more information or support to treat a gambling issue, please visit the below websites which are solely dedicated to providing support, giving advice on responsible gambling habits as well as providing gambling addiction cures.

This is the independent charity in the UK, funded by donations from the gambling industry itself. GambleAware is focused on minimizing gambling-related problems and funds education, prevention and treatment services and commissions research to raise public awareness of gambling-related harm. The main aim of this organisation is to stop people from getting into problems with their gambling, whilst ensuring that those who do develop problems, are given the necessary treatment and support in a fast and efficient manner. For more information about how GambleAware can help you or your loved ones, click here.

GamCare is nade up of a team of experienced individuals who are dedicated, experienced professionals, working to aid problem gamblers and their loved ones. Many of their employees work directly with problem gamblers, providing tips and guidelines whether over the phone, online or even through face-to-face counselling. GamCare also has an education and prevention team who works tirelessly to increase awareness and above all, prevent problem gambling before it even starts. Click here to find our more about this organisations services.

We are global online support service for people who have been adversely affected by gambling.

Gambling Therapy has a team of expert advisers who make sure to deliver effective support through a variety of different channels. You and/or your loved ones can choose to communicate with their team through live Advice Helpline (which is text based), online groups and forums, private and confidential advice by e-mail and information database on local resources worldwide. For more information click here.

Staying in Control

The below recommendations have been  listed to keep gambling entertaining. You might never need them, but it is definitely good to keep in mind, should you feel the need to:

Create Your Own Deposit Limits

Limit your deposits for a day, week or month so you can narrow the amount you put into your account. Fortunately, every operator will have a feature to set specific limits or controls to help players keep in control their spending.

Be Strict with Cooling-off Periods

You can always take break from the game and block your access. Take a set time away from the operator by setting a cool-off period between one and 30 days. The operators shouldn’t communicate to you with sign-up bonuses or free spins.

Think of Opting for Self-exclusion

Every operator is expected to provide players with the option to self-exclude themselves from gambling online. It is up to you to set what you feel is the right time limit. This can vary from at least one year, or even permanently. In order to support this self-exclusion, gambling operators will suspend all marketing and emails to you for the duration of the entire period. In the UK, a self-exclusion system called GAMSTOP allows players to self-exclude from every UK licensed gambling site as well as brick and mortar betting shops.

Take a Social media break

Stop following gambling operators’ social media pages, casino bonuses or sports tipster pages that encourage bonuses.

Install Gambling blocking software

When you believe you need something more to help restrict your gambling – there are tools you can install on your computer or mobile devices to block access to gambling websites – check-out Betfilter, Gamblock or PlayScan.

Protecting Children and Under 18s

As a reputable online casino site, we take responsible gaming very seriously, thus want to prevent any underage gambling – which is illegal. This also means preventing any access to online gambling website. It is good to acknowledge the fact that gambling operators follow strict protocol to guarantee age and identity is verified through KYC and Bank-ID processes. This is why by law, companies are not allowed to advertise gambling in ways that might appeal to children or individuals under the age of 18. Nevertheless, we still ask that you take precautionary steps to prevent anyone under the legal age of gambling from accessing online gambling products or casino, sports betting and affiliate websites. The list hereunder can be used as a rough guide to ensure minors and under-18s are not gambling:

  • Never glamourize gambling to anyone under the legal age or place bets for them
  • Do not leave persons under 18 unattended near your computer or mobile if you have gambling websites open on your desktop or mobile app
  • Never let under 18s access your credit card or bank account details
  • Never use the ‘remember password’ option when accessing online gambling products
  • Use separate and secure profiles for everyone who uses a shared computer
  • Research child-protection software, such as Cyber patrolNet Nanny or CYBERsitter to block gambling sites from minors accessing the internet.