Why playing online is better

Gambling has always played an important cultural role if we look back in history. For thousands of years people have made bets, and although the games might be well different today, the principle stay the same. You risk money in order to make money. When casino games started coming around the word gambling became synonymous with recreation and something that people would do for a thrill.

Let’s think of the word “gambling”. What does the image in your head look like? I’m probably not wrong to assume that you’re in Vegas, where men in expensive suits are making millions around the roulette tables. That is the picture that most people get when they think of gambling. But in reality, most gamblers are not rich. Vegas might be getting a lot of attention, but most cities actually have casinos, where everyday people spend time for recreational purposes. I mean, these days, you won’t get surprised if you see a game of blackjack going on in your local pub.

As the popularity of casino gaming kept growing during the 1900’s, it was to culminate when casino operators started to make their games available on the internet. All of a sudden, thousands of games were accessible from your own home, and that meant thousands of new players discovered casino gaming every day. The online casino market has now been fully blooming for nearly 15 years, but how come people are favoring online casinos in front of the more classic live casinos?


To me, I think the main factor is pretty obvious: convenience. Compared to classic live gaming, online casino is just so more easily accessible. Although it might be fun to go down to the local casino every now and then for a “real” casino experience, but serious players are bound to prefer the online environment, as it provides faster game play and less time wasting. It’s just much nicer to be able to cozy up in the sofa with some pillows, have a snack and open up your laptop to enjoy some high quality casino games.

If we look closer into the benefits of gambling online rather than at a “real casino” we’ll find a few important things. First of all, online casinos never close, and all the games are accessible at all times. You never have to worry about having to stand in line in order to play your favorite game, but you can just log on and start playing whenever the mood strikes.

You sometimes get people saying that live casinos gaming just have a better feel and are more “real” than they are in an online casino. However, casino software companies today have the technology to develop games that are absolutely stunning in terms of graphics; basically looking just like the game would look in reality. Some casinos even offer live dealers, meaning that you are playing with a real human dealer which you can see via a webcam connection.

Bonuses, however, are the thing that really sets the two sides apart. If you roll into a live casino on the strip in Vegas and buy $300 worth of chips, you will get no more than $300 in chips. Sure you might get a few free drinks and the attention of an attractive waiter, but that’s about it. When you play at an online casino, it’s a rule rather than an exception that you will get a bonus when you deposit money in to eh casino. It’s not uncommon that casinos double your first deposit in order to attract your attention, menaing that if you deposit that same $300 into an online casino instead, you can get $600 to play for!

If you are new to this, a common argument is to say that you don’t feel safe handling transactions over the internet, but that is just general suspicion. If you read up on this, you will soon realize that you are at much greater risk handling large sums of cash in a public place like a live casino. Well reputed casinos spend a lot of time and money making sure that they can provide a safe gambling environment, and your money is always guaranteed to be handled with care. Every casino at casinoozx.com is well known for providing safety to their customers.